Our Top 5 Playgrounds & Parks in Montclair & Glen Ridge

By Nadia Melichar May 1, 2021

Montclair & Glen Ridge are lucky to have so many great parks and playgrounds for kids. My kids have swung, spun, and raced through many of them ... and definitely have their favorites!

Here’s a list of our family’s top favorite parks and playgrounds and the reasons we love them:

Park name: Glenfield Park

Location: 115 Bloomfield Ave Montclair, NJ 07042

Features: 2 children's playgrounds, 2 basketball courts, 2 softball diamonds, community center with game rooms, meeting rooms, craft rooms, kitchen, and restrooms, footpath, nature trail.

What my kids love: There are two well maintained playground fixtures, one for little kids and one for big.  The big kid fixture is super exciting because there's a really tall tower to climb.  I've never seen such a tall tower in a playground!

What I love: Sometimes we'll grab takeout at a Montclair restaurant and eat at a picnic table in this park.  We've never seen this park too crowded, but there are always kids coming in and out.

Park name: Brookdale Park

Location: Montclair, NJ 07043

Features: Children's playground, 4 softball diamonds, exercise trail, running tracks, athletic fields,  blacktop game area.

What my kids love: This park is huge!  Giant meadows to run through, a cool playground and a path around the whole park for a casual bike ride.

What I love: There's a lot here at this park.  I feel like we have a lot more to explore, like the Rose Garden.

Park name: Clay Field

Location: Intersection of Sherman Avenue and Belleville Avenue. Glen Ridge, NJ 07028

Features: Children's playground, youth softball/tee-ball diamond, youth soccer field and paddleball courts.

What my kids love: Never crowded playground where they can run around in a not-too-big space.

What I love: The playground is naturally shaded during the summer!  It's a low key playground perfect for the preschoolers and great for lunch at the picnic tables.

Park name: Canterbury Park

Location: Intersection of Sherman Avenue and Belleville Avenue. Glen Ridge, NJ 07028

Features: Children's playground, Tennis court, basketball court, bikeways, coasting hill, walking track

What my kids love: There's a giant hill that's exciting to run and roll up and down.  Would be great in the winter time I bet for sledding.

What I love: There's a sweet little creek at the back of the park that sets this apart from other playgrounds.

Park name: Edgemont Park

Location: Valley Road in Montclair

Features: 2 softball diamonds, pond, shelter house with rest rooms and kitchen, children 's playground, bikeways and footpaths baseball, softball, ice skating, playground, walking path

What my kids love: Feeding the geese!

What I love: Also the geese, lol!  

That’s our family’s top 5 list for favorite parks and playgrounds in Montclair & Glen Ridge, but I bet your kids have their own favorites! Let me know what’s on your family’s list by leaving me a note on Facebook or emailing me at I’ll be doing more playground and park reviews in the future, so I would love to have your input!