DIY: How to Create a Book You'll Keep Forever

Note from your Publisher

By Jessica Kline, Publisher and Editor Macaroni Kid Clifton-Montclair June 17, 2021

Looking for a fun and easy activity to do with your kids? Have them write their own book. This is a great way for them to use their imagination, draw, color, write, spell, tell a story, and you most likely have the supplies at home! 

Find 1 sheet of construction paper and a few pieces of printer paper. Wrap the construction paper on the outside and fold it in half.
I bought my kids a teeny stapler so that they could staple the binding themselves. Have them write their name as the author, create a title (or have the title be the last thing they come up with).

Have them dedicate the book to someone and this keepsake will be special in years to come.
Have them add page #'s to work on counting. Write a sentence for them and have them draw the photos or have them write their own sentences.

A few examples of some things you can add on the inside pages and leave blanks for them to fill in; it's so fun to watch their minds think of responses.
I wanted to include a description of something that isn't going on so they had to use their memory.
If using this for Father's Day, this is a great thing to include.
I always try to include an empowering message inside and their responses are hilarious!

In our house, we do a lot of arts and crafts and creative thinking. I try not to tell them how to think or what response to give, but encourage them to come up with their own feelings and descriptions. This idea is special to me because I created a book in my own Kindergarten class, dedicated to my Aunt and at my bridal shower, she actually brought it with her and read it aloud. It's the little things we cherish and what a great way to create that! Feel free to tag us in your children's creative books on instagram @macaroni_kid_clifton_montclair.

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