Our Favorite Items for Crafting with Kids

Including Keeping Things Clean and Tidy

By Jessica Kline, Publisher + Editor Macaroni Kid Clifton-Montclair November 7, 2022

We love having a set of drawers just for crafts! Sometimes we come up with something super creative for our kids but many times we just pull out a few things from the craft collection and let them use their own imaginations. We love COLOR and hope you do too!

COLORS - We often use painters tape and colored dots in many colors for different projects. Put it on paper and let them color over it and peel it off. Let them hang their artwork on the walls with painters tape and keep your paint job intact. Use the tape and dots to make little people on paper. My kids recently discovered paperclips and how they could attach them together. This was an afternoon of fun that kept on giving. They also love the multi color wrap to pretend to be a veterinarian or a doctor with.


SELF ADHESIVE CRAFTING SUPPLIES - Self Adhesive anything that come in a box helps keep us moms a little more sane with a little more tidiness.

SORTING - We like to sort pom poms and beads by color and use cupcake trays to try to keep them sorted.

GLUE - We prefer glue dots for the moments we just can't handle our LO playing with glue. Get yourself a hot Glue gun, we promise you'll end up needing this and it is good to have on hand when that time comes.


STORAGE -  We are suggesting a few boxes in different sizes for more organizational ideas for little things.


We try to have on hand things to prevent huge messes and allow for easy clean up. Here are some of our favorites.