Together We Spread Joy to over 300 Kids and their Families

We Thank You!!

By Jessica Kline, Publisher + Editor Macaroni Kid Clifton-Montclair February 16, 2023

When our own children asked if we could make valentines for kids in a hospital we immediately started to research who to ask and the rules we should follow. We then asked for your help to create valentines with your kids alongside us to distribute to two different local hospitals.

Cedar Beans Coffee Joint in Cedar Grove was kind enough to partner with us as a drop-off location and we had to pick up three different assortments of your cards because the box was overflowing. People delivered their valentines by car, foot, and mail. Our hearts were overflowing as we watched families within our community design beautiful valentines in both English and Spanish. Messages read "I know I'm a random person but I really think you are amazing", "Stay Strong, you are brave", and some with poems and even jokes. We laid out as many as we could on our floor to show what we can all create - together - with every single design and message being unique.

Together we stand to spread kindness, joy, and spread creativity. We are most powerful - together!

All of your 300+ Valentine's were hand-delivered to inpatient and outpatient pediatric clinics for cancer and blood disorders/the Valerie Fund Center at St. Joseph’s Children's Hospital in NJ.