Enrollment is open for Pre-K(4s) - 8th grade at Montclair Coop School

Montclair Cooperative School is celebrating their 60th anniversary

By Jessica Kline, Publisher + Editor Macaroni Kid Clifton-Montclair August 26, 2023

 Enrollment is still open for Pre-K(4s) through 8th grade at Montclair Cooperative School, where we are celebrating our 60th anniversary this year!
Our mission is to create a nurturing and diverse environment where children grow intellectually, emotionally, and socially flourish. The Co-op is led by student interest, expertly guided by teachers, and actively supported by parents. All three groups work together to maximize each student's personal growth and the school as a whole. Co-op teachers create deep and personal connections, examining every child’s thinking individually to challenge them in academics, the arts, and social skills.
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