Our 3 Favorite Tips to Help Get Settled into Your School Year.

Tips and tricks provided by Allwood Play and Learn

By Jessica Kline, Publisher + Editor Macaroni Kid Clifton-Montclair September 13, 2023

Our school year has officially begun and we are so excited to see all of our friends learning and playing together! Being in school also means many new routines for children (and parents) to adjust to new ways of doing things. At Allwood Play and Learn we are always looking to help make big transitions as easy as possible.

Our list of our 3 favorite tips and tricks to help get settled into your school year.

1. Keep it Short and Sweet (KISS) 
Separation can be hard! But it is important to try your best to keep things moving. Does this mean we are suggesting that you just drop your crying kiddo and run?! Not at all! Instead, it means saying something along the lines of, “I am going to miss you so much too! Let’s have a tight squeeze to last us the day. I cannot wait to see you again after lunch/nap/playtime. Miss Ashley is here to help us.” The longer we have a talk about the whys and why nots the more we are allowing room for anxiety to grow. Our team will always sit with our kiddos and their feelings to help them work through it. We will also send pictures to our grownups to help them through it too!

2. Review your routine often!
When we have friends who are crying for their grownups, we take a few deep breaths together and then we review our visual schedule to discuss the remainder of their school day until their grownups come back. This gives them access to a plan that is easy to understand and provides the comfort of knowing what to expect.

3. Highlight the FUN! 
At Allwood Play and Learn your little one will come home with artwork that you can look at together. Take some time at the end of your day, maybe at bedtime, to look at their artwork together. Allow your little one to tell you whatever comes up for them. This will help to reinforce all of the happy moments that they have while you are apart! Ask them questions, what did they use to make it, what are they proud of, what would they like to make for future art projects?

Remember, you’ve got this!! Tears happen in preschool for a huge list of reasons and they are all OK. Being calm, confident, and consistent are all tools that you can access and will help everyone get used to their routine. If you ever have any concerns/questions your teachers are always available to help.

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