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A Montclair Dad's 100 Day Journey Back to

By Jessica Kline, Publisher + Editor Macaroni Kid Clifton-Montclair June 6, 2024

"As a father in my late forties, with two young kids and a demanding career, I found it difficult to make time for exercise. As a result, my energy levels started waning. I struggled with basic tasks like carrying my kids up the stairs."
- Dan, Montclair Father of two kids ages 4 & 1

As luck would have it, I noticed Brain and Body Method while dropping our son off at IMC Kids Gym in Montclair. They utilize a new training method, with 20-minute one-on-one personal training sessions using their modern exercise equipment. It felt different than your average gym, was convenient and I knew something needed to change in my own health and wellness journey. 

Fast forward 100 days, and I have turned around my strength and vitality. I have been going to Brain and Body Method for a little over 100 days and I have been impressed with the results.

My energy levels are back to my younger days. My mental stamina has increased. My wife has noticed the difference. She commented that I was back to being myself. The experience has equipped me with the energy needed to be an active father.

Despite my ambivalence, I can confidently attest that technology does make a huge difference!

Strength training is done with adaptive resistance machines. The machines ensure that I get the best workout for me, every session, and the results have been impressive. My leg strength is up over 200%!

They offer oxygen training for those who want it. I wasn’t sure what to make of training at high altitude oxygen levels but this component of the programming has been the most impactful for me. My breathing is deeper and I can feel the benefits during stressful times in my personal and professional life.  

Active Recovery
Brain and Body Method recommends doing one recovery session per week, which involves a full-body lymphatic massage using a Balancer Pro. After some research, I found that most pro athletes use these devices to feel their best after a game and accelerate their recovery. The recovery sessions have minimized soreness and improved my sleep. 

Looking Ahead
My fitness gains have made me more encouraged about the next decades of my life. Before attending BBM, I was worried about keeping up with my kids as I progressed through my 50s and 60s. The experience has had such a positive impact on my fitness levels that I convinced my wife to give it a try and naturally, she saw her own health gains.

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