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By Jessica Kline, Publisher and Editor Macaroni Kid Clifton-Montclair March 25, 2024

Parents with little ones seem to be consistently on the hunt for activities that support children's social and emotional development AND give adults opportunities to make new connections. Music Together classes are a terrific way to meet both those needs because making music (together!) naturally and inherently connects us, teaches social skills (like taking turns and sharing), and raises our "happy hormone" levels (which helps with stress management). When we sing, we also activate new pathways in our brains... so we (and our children) can more easily learn new things.

What are we learning in a Music Together class? In our classes, parents and caregivers sing, dance, and play instruments (like shakers, drums, and resonator bells) to give each child a true “music immersion” experience. As the children soak up the music, they naturally develop musically as they play. And everybody has fun doing it.

All Music Together teachers are highly-trained, incredible people committed to supporting parents, caregivers, and children on the journey to unleash our inner musical being while connecting and creating much-needed community in the process. 

This Spring, we offer Music Together classes in Verona and West Orange. The "All Ages" classes run from birth through 4, The "Babies Only" classes are for birth-12 months, and the "Rhythm Kids" classes are specially geared towards 4-to-8-year-olds. 

Spring classes start on April 13 and run for 10 weeks. Join a class with your child as we foster healthy social and musical development in a safe, play-based environment.

To register for a class, or sign up for a free demo find us at West Essex Music Together - Home.

*New location* Music Together Montclair (at Bnai Keshet)

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Come join our Musical Community.